dinsdag 7 juni 2011



dinsdag 17 november 2009

On emptyness and the meaning of life

I am empty these days, no more desires, only that incredible urge to be an eternal wanderer,adventurer, discoverer, contemplator,nomad, no home, no attachment...I created this emptiness, as I gave up everything that stressed me out, the need to create, the society s pressure
Yes I might be in a comfortable position, and yet uncomfortable
This is my path.my Tao.

I dream of shoes I don t really need but which would make the journey lighter,though an article in a magazine I forgot the name of, said it s better to walk barefooted, no support, no comfort...Like everything in life...Too much comfort kills you in the end...
and that barefootedness is healthier for the feet, also for the soul.
If only there wouldn t be that much concrete around me, I would give it a good try.
Mmmmm, being spoiled by daily tickles of grass, mudbaths, insects crawling on this strange object. Brings back my senses.

Which reminds me of the strangest dream I had, walked along the seashore and Ifound a childs foot, with ankle? It seemed for hours and hours I was hypothetizing about how the little foot got thee, what had happened to its owner...
Can somebody please help with a just interpretation?

Should I start writing, to have a daily routine?So much has been written already.
Or should I be painting again.
Or wake up my shamanic dreamlife?
Rescue the planet
So much to do , so little time

I will content myself to be a wittnes of this life

maandag 28 september 2009

Western society

is spoiled
People are far from understanding what truly matters
I choose to step out of this capitalistic fake get together, where the accumulation of materials is more important than 'being' you.
No wonder so many get lost in this rat race...no wonder beautiful people leave us behind too early
What did we come here on Earth for? As visitors, not as destroyers, as passengers, leaving no imprints behind,as invitees to witness this Natural beauty.
If wasps are considered unuseful for this planet, what use do our millions have?

Every thing is animated, lets consider this and respect our planet...

zondag 20 september 2009


Why do they exist the way they exist?
If ever I would get married, give me a warming huge open air woodfire, grass soup and maybe fish baked in the Earth, a cool breeze and plenty of fresh springwater
n not to miss, the chocolate pie!
Warm tents, and self made music, happy souls, a lot of stars and the moon as witnesses.
Loads of curious animals, and la Pachamama.
Please don t give me anything unnatural, as I ll get married to Nature too.
Nothing Bacchus like, just a heart warming feast that everyone will remember.
No boring talks around a well dressed table, no artificial light, no noise that would chase animals away...

zondag 13 september 2009

Pleasure Happiness

What brings me pleasure?
What makes me happy?
There s a big difference, I tried to meditate on it all day long while cutting the poor unwanted weeds and baby trees and apologizing to every one of them...

Dogs make me happy, animals make me happy, plants and trees, Nature makes me happy...
Wandering all over the globe,especially in Nature, Freedom makes me happy, the Wind, Nomads ...
Good cinema makes me happy, especially Kim Ki Duks' movies
Discovering edible plants, the medicinal use of plants,shamanistic entrancement
Chya, Chai fullfills me with happiness
Teenagers make me happy.Some children can make me happy...I think when the children are unspoilt, a bit wild,(but then what is the definition of wild/spoiled) they re more likely to make me happy.
My Singing Bowls
Feel love, Give love
Painting sometimes
Chestnuts in an open woodfire, Singing Dhrupad with Sayeeduddin and entering a state of bliss
Roasted Barley and dried apricots bring me happiness

I enjoy chocolate, it brings me pleasure
I enjoy making love, in the real sense of the word
I am pleased by meeting new people
I can enjoy a hot bath
A home brings me joy

I think the difference resides in living in oblivion, being able to forget oneself, n therefor being in complete union with the universe n as my sister says, living in the moment. But when do I manage to live in the moment?That is why I am asking myself, what makes me happy what brings me joy.

Starry nights, the moon, the clouds, quietness bring happiness, the cold desert, the music,the stormy weather, foxes and yacks, donkeys, snowleopards,snow,autumn... and above all
I must admit that sharing my love for all that I truly love makes me the happiest of all, especially when shared with the one I love...be it on two paws or more or none...

zondag 30 augustus 2009

Merciless slaughter

I really don t understand where some people have their hearts..not connected to the Pachamama, that s for sure.
One morning I woke up in my tent last week, with the sound, or better the noise of a chainsaw...This had been going on for a couple of days, and not daring to face what humans were doing I tried to avoid the disaster that was slowly going on...

A huge chestnut tree, with its fruit ready to fill our social needs and hungry stomachs again on cold autumn days, which was standing tall and befriended other chestnut trees, was just cut off by machinery, just like that, because people decided to build a brick house, and it was taking too much space. WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO WAKE UP????????????

I was thrilled to see the flowers and plants slowly recover from too much cutting and mowing, the place took on its natural looks again, and it looked beautiful.
Now all that s left is a tree, maybe a few 100 years old, chopped into pieces, its leaves dying, it s fruit rotting, and the place looks like a dump...


I couldn t help saying I was sorry for the mistakes of men.....really sorry

vrijdag 28 augustus 2009

Soy Gitana...

Camaron me llega al alma...hoy dia, y los dias del pasado, siempre imortal
Hay gente asi que nunca se mueren, verdad? Y otros que en esta vida terrestre pasan desapercebidos...